The ethos of The One I Love is to curate a collection of historically significant fine jewelry while breathing new life into it. Often this means salvaging pieces that would otherwise be sold for parts and reimagining it into several new, one of a kind treasures. It’s important to us to honor the original artisan and the legacy that carries on the story of those before us. We maintain what we believe are the most beautiful and meaningful aspects of an item, whether that is the diamond cut, setting, or unique details, and compliment those attributes with touches of modernism. We believe that this not only broadens and excites the audience of antique jewelry lovers, but also increases accessibility to all.

In addition to preserving the past, we pride ourselves in offering pieces that have been loved before and do not require any additional mining, as it's important to keep our carbon footprint small. By marrying the old with new, we help minimize destructive environmental and social practices, while staying relevant in the jewelry industry. Our new collection of conversion pieces is the tangible evidence of our beliefs. The old can become new, the past can inform the present, and beauty can be redefined.