The Mirror Mirror Locket

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20180222_TOIL_2242 copy.jpg

The Mirror Mirror Locket


Metal: Silver & 18K Gold

Stones: Spinel, Garnets & Diamonds

Size: 1.5" x 2"

Era: 1840

What You Should Know: Back of Crystal Locket pops out so that you can store a memento! Pendant only.

This sizable locket hails from the early years of the Victorian Era and speaks to the romantic attitudes of the time. An oval clear crystal is is set in silver with a halo of round red spinels. Between each spinel are leaf shaped settings housing with small antique cut diamonds. Atop the locket sits a diamond ribbon with spinel center, crowned by a diamond bail.

We adore the tiny foliage shaped shapes that encircle this locket, especially since we know the popularity of incorporating nature into wearable art. But we are especially fond of the diamond bow. Bows were first a motif in jewelry back in the 1600s among the high courts of King Louis XIV. Sometimes these bows were referred to as sevignes, named after Marquis de Sevigne, who is best known for her sassy letter correspondence and love of bows.


Later when meaning was applied to every jewelry detail, bows were used as a symbol of love and marriage. When worn close to your heart, like a locket, a bow revealed that your heart was tied to someone. We like to think that this 19th century locket was originally a playful and pretty way of letting someone know that its owner’s heart belonged to them. 

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