Victorian Turquoise Bell Earrings

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Victorian Turquoise Bell Earrings


Metal: 15K Gold

Stone: Turquoise

Era: 1820

Size: Approx 18mm x 13mm

What you Should Know: Turquoise is well matched. Hook Earrings.

Although the death of Prince Albert and the American Civil War brought a specific dark cloud over everyday life for the people of the mid 19th century, some whimsy and novelty carried over from previous decades. The Grand Period (1860 - 1885) was wrought with black mourning jewelry, hair work, and remembrance pieces. But it was simultaneously a time of great joy in jewelry. Figural and souvenir pieces were also beloved. Alongside bows, birds, crescents, flowers, bells were a symbol of great popularity.


Far before and well into the Grand Period, bells were commonly rung at wedding celebrations. The bells’ music was thought to keep away evil spirits on the couple’s big day, and also excite the festivities of love. Since the Victorians were deeply rooted in symbolism, we’re sure these bells were commissioned with intentional meaning. Protection, trust, love, and maybe a little bit of party too.

The rich gold of these adorable earrings is complimented by a halo of turquoise stones around the lip of the bell. We think they would make incredible wedding day earrings (ahem.. something old, something blue….) or with your everyday look. Simply smile inducing. 



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