The Vintage Pitcher Pendant

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20171130_TOIL_0080 copy.jpg
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The Vintage Pitcher Pendant


Metal: 14K Gold

Chain: 14K Gold / 16"-18" in length

Stones: Lapis

Size: .75" x.5'

What You Should Know: This baby is super cute! 

Known as one of December’s birthstones alongside turquoise, lapis lazuli has been a stone of many mythologies over thousands of years. Some historians even believe that a few early references to sapphire may have in fact been lapis, and tombs all over the world have been discovered decorated with lapis adornments. The ancient Egyptians used lapis as a cosmetic, grinding it to a powder and swiping it across their eyes. The ancient Romans took a different approach, using the pulverized blue hued stone as an aphrodisiac. Their was even a holy fan of lapis, the ancient Sumerian Goddess of Love, Inanna, who would always wear a necklace of lapis beads.

Lapis is known to strengthen awareness and inspire creativity. We’re pretty sure that the creator of this miniature golden pitcher was energized by the stone as well, crafted the cutest pendant we’ve ever seen. In the shape of an ancient amphora, this vintage pendant nods to classical motifs without the stuffiness. Five lapis lazuli stones decorate the gold pendant which is strung on an adjustable 14k chain. This is your not so common everyday necklace. 

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