The Ruby Eternity Pendant

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The Ruby Eternity Pendant


Metal: 18K Gold

Stone: Natural Ruby

Chain: 18" Long / 14K Gold

Face: .7" W

Era: 1920

What You Should Know: Repurposed from an Art Deco brooch and set on a 14K Gold chain. Rubies are in great condition and are channel set. If you prefer a different length chain please contact us! 

Rubies are often referred to as the king of precious stones, and after studying how highly respected and adored this stone has been through history, and in many corners of the world, it is easy to see why. Rubies were specifically mentioned numerous times throughout the bible, and in ancient Hinduism, it was the most loved stone of Krishna. Ruby offerings to Krishna would ensure your reincarnation would be a royal one. They also divided rubies into different castes, depending on their origin, beauty, and magical properties. The Brahmin, was the truest ruby and could grant its wearer perfect safety. Because of ruby’s intense red color, it has also been associated with blood and therefore healing properties. In fact, some cultures believed that a particularly impressive ruby held the power of life. During the Renaissance, upperclassmen and royalty wore rubies to symbolize their wealth and to promote success in love.

It seems as though the use of rubies has not wavered at all throughout history. In the Art Deco Era, bold colors were used to make geometric shapes and rubies were the perfect fit to do so. Not only do they pull an amazing color, they have an unparalleled richness to them. Frequently used a just accent stones, we love when we find a piece that showcases the beauty of rubies as the main attraction. This ruby pendant was saved from a larger Art Deco era piece. After a little TLC, we strung it on a yellow gold chain and kept the design simple and sweet. The channel set rubies are a juicy red and are in wonderful condition. A spectacular Art Deco piece, completely wearable for

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