The Zoe

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The Zoe


Metal: 18K Gold & Silver

Stone: Old Mine Cut Diamond (1.14ct, I/J, VSI)  comes with an appraisal cert. 

Face Size: 9mm x 8mm

Size: 5

What You Should Know: Setting is open backed. Shank is inspired by a Victorian era band. Stone holds immense fire.

*This Ring Can Be Resized.

Throughout history rings have arguably been the most popular and beloved category of jewelry. The symbolism they have carried for thousands of years still persists today. We are in love with the rituals of the old world, and the belief that every milestone, happy or sad, should be decorated with adornment. What better way than with a ring? From our Georgian Old Mine Cut Diamond, a limited run of rings.

We have transformed components of a 18th century diamond riviere necklace into an exclusive collection of vintage-now-modern solitaire rings. Each one features a completely one of a kind and spectacular old mine cut diamond in its original collet setting. Old mine cut diamonds were developed and popularized in the 1700s, and were the prominent diamond cut for more than a century. In the history of diamond cutting, the old mine cut was an essential phase as it was a major step toward contemporary faceting. While the shape of old mine cuts are not perfectly proportioned, the unique and wide triangular facet patterns are undeniably beautiful.

We’ve added a modern shank to each old mine cut diamond, crafted from 18k gold. The bands are cast from an original Victorian band complimenting the antique cut of the stone. We chose to open the back of the collet setting, to let light pour in and through the old mine cut diamond, allowing subtle and playful light dispersion. These rings pack a ton of individuality while maintaining a classic style, in the same manner that they uphold the stories of antique ages while feeling new for the modern admirer.

Metal: 18K Gold Chain & Silver Collet Set Diamond

Stone: Diamond

Chain Length: 15”

Old Mine Cut diamonds date back to the early 18th century when diamond cutters were investing their time and resources into experimentation while on the search for new versions of beautiful. Its construction speaks to the beauty in imperfection: a roundish square, cut by hand, each unlike the other, true one of a kind. 

These antique diamonds were originally made to be worn in candlelight, where glimpses of the radiance were caught in between shadows. 

We came across an especially captivating old mine cut diamond that more than deserved to be preserved. We kept it in its original 19th-century silver collet setting and affixed it to a modern 15” gold chain. The structured, open link chain is in perfect juxtaposition to the brilliance and femininity of the 1 ct old cut stone. We think this necklace is the perfect everyday staple, no matter what that day may have in store. 

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