The Mini Diamond Half Loop

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The Mini Diamond Half Loop


Metal: 10K Yellow Gold & Silver

Stone: Rose Cut Diamond

Size: 5

Era: 1830

*This Ring Can Be Resized

What You Should Know: Originally Part of a Harem Ring.

During both the Georgian and Victorian Eras, diamonds were the predominant choice when it came to stones, typically fashioned into rose cuts. Rose cuts are one of the oldest diamond cuts in history, as they were first introduced to Europe during the 15th century. Early rose cut diamonds only had three facets, compared to the later twenty-four, with a flat bottom and domed top. They earned their name because of their resemblance to the favorited flower. 

Unfortunately, many rosecuts were removed from their settings and cleaved into more modern and rigid cuts. Fortunately, the rose cut diamonds in this early Victorian band survived. 

Their antique hand cut shapes are juxtaposed by the straight lines of the yellow gold, leaving this ring in perfectly balanced harmony. In our opinion, there is nothing better than a classic antique gold diamond band, a piece beyond worthy of investment and consideration. And this Victorian Era half loop band is both romantic and practical making it the perfect jewelry wardrobe staple. 

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