The Double Trouble Garnet Mini Hoops

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The Double Trouble Garnet Mini Hoops


Metal: 15K Gold & 14K Gold

Stone: Flat Top Garnets

Hoop: 10mm

Garnet Size: 4mm x 4mm

What You Should Know: Garnets are in their original 15K gold foil backed collet settings. Pristine condition.

We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to curate things of beauty from long ago. Each piece of jewelry we come across tells stories of the past and it is an honor to share those rituals and traditions with each new owner. Often times, a piece finds us that begs to continue to bring joy to its wearer, but requires a reformation. 

 Our latest creations in The One I Love Re-Imagined Collection were born from a Georgian foiled garnet and gold brooch. We believe that it was once quite cherished in its entirety but centuries of wear has welcomed a new life for this piece. Cautiously saving each gold collet setting, a feature more and more rare to find today, each flat cut garnet has been brought back to life. We have created a limited assortment of rings and pendants using these precious materials alongside modern details that respect the original era. Each piece of the Georgian Garnet collection has historical significance, as well as personal importance for both our ancestors and its future owners. 

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