The Double Screw Love Locket

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French Victorian Screw Locket.jpg
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The Double Screw Love Locket

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Metal: 18K Gold & 18 White Gold

Stone: None

Era: 1900

Origin: France

Size: 2" from bale to bottom  / 1" tall / 5" width.

Chain: 47" (double wrap) / 10K Gold

What You Should Know: Victorian Chain Sold Separately. Locket is missing inner glass on one side (we can custom cut for you, please shoot us an email.)

Hearts, roses, cupid, the color red, even a diamond engagement ring are all typical symbols of love. Today, we’re relishing an "out of the box" symbol of love- the screw.

In 1969, Cartier released their Love Bracelet design and it was an instant hit. The bracelet had tiny screws in it and a matching screwdriver. One wore the bracelet while the other safeguarded the screw, making them bonded together. But before the still famous Cartier collection hit the shelves, the screw was an emblem of love. About one hundred years before to be exact. It’s very rare, but occasionally we get to witness a marvelous piece of antique jewelry with the screw symbol snuck into it’s form.

This gold locket is from the Victorian Era and features two multi colored screw heads. The two screws represent two lovers. Love is the foundation of a home, and clearly what binds us together. During a time period where everything had sentimental symbolism behind it, we adore the neglect of the actual function of a screw and it’s hidden messages of love. And what we really love about this locket?- It’s XXL sized bale. It’s such a quirky detail, not often seen in pieces of this age. This locket has a lot of love to give, perfect for your person, or yourself! 


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