The Aries Pitcher Pendant

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The Aries Pitcher Pendant

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Metal: 18K Gold (Chain 10K Gold)

Size: Pendant: 1.6" in length / Chain 42" in length

Era: 1880

What You Should Know: Pendant is hallmarked for 18K gold. Victorian chain sold separately.

During both the Georgian and Victorian Eras, there were times that the arts tended to and honored the classic motifs and styles of ancient Greece and Rome. Neoclassicism infiltrated architecture, fine art, literature, theatre, and even snuck its way into the jewelry industry. One of the most prominent functional tools in the classical times was the amphora. A piece of pottery that functioned as a pitcher. Amphoras were made by hand with beautiful Greek and Roman symbols decorating their body. These ceramic pitchers were mostly used to hold wine or given as awards, and some bear the inscription “I am one of the prizes from Athens”. An object that has overtime grown to symbolize ancient Greece.

Much later in history, the amphora reappeared as one of many decorative themes that was used in Neoclassical jewelry. This gorgeous golden pendant features an amphora pitcher crafted in 18k gold. A beautiful carving of a ram details the pitcher, nodding to the Aries constellation. In ancient Greece, Aries was a heavenly ram whose golden fleece was sought after by Jason and the Argonauts. We think this pendant would be well suited to a springtime Aries lady, but it is truly a collectible for anyone who appreciated antique jewelry or ancient mythology. Sold with or without a classic Victorian gold chain!




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