The Antique Table Cut Diamond Drops

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The Antique Table Cut Diamond Drops


Metal: 14K gold and Silver

Stone: Diamonds

Size: Diamonds 6mm / Hoops are 9mm

What You Should Know: Hoops are 14K gold. Diamonds in their original 18th century setting & are converted from a brooch.

At the The One I Love, it is important to us to preserve the beauty of the past. We pride ourselves on being able to see the potential in broken and forgotten pieces and reinvent them into something new. Not only does this help eliminate waste, but it restores the love and attention both jewelry craftsman and buyers attributed to their pieces.

During the Georgian and Victorian Eras, fine diamond jewelry was not necessarily accessible to all. It was handmade and came at a high cost, so each piece was considered an investment and a true treasure. Overtime, some of those once beloved pieces were abandoned or disregarded. We’ve taken in such pieces and reconstructed them into something beautiful once again. 

These tiny mismatched diamond studs are components of such pieces. A snippet of a pendant, a drop from a chandelier earring, the last remnants of a 18th century brooch. We like to think of giving them a second chance at the type of adoration they had centuries ago, just a little reinvented for the modern woman. A new life with a little history. 

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