Put and Take Spinner Necklace

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Put and Take Spinner Necklace


Metal: Sterling Silver

Chain: 18” Long / Sterling Silver

Details: Put and Take Game Spinner

Size: Approx. Approx. 15 mm x 8 mm

Spinning tops, or teetotums, have origins back to ancient Rome when they were played with as a gambling game. Each player would throw in coins and then take turns spinning the teetotum. Typically with four sides, each face had a Latin letter indicating whether the player should put one down, take one away, nothing, or take the pot! Later in 16th century Germany, the teetotum was resurrected as a dreidel, and then again in early 20th century America as the Put and Take. 

This Put and Take silver charm has six sides with the game’s instructions of “taking” or “putting” one, two, or all your chips or money. Put and Take charms were popular from the 1910s through the 1940s, but were at their height during the years of WWI. Soldiers would play while waiting in the trenches or in their barracks. The game was sometimes one of only a few personal belongings a soldier would travel with as the small top was lightweight enough to wear around their necks. 

We love this adorable little charm for the small moments of joy it may have brought someone in the past. Add it to you favorite chain for a token of luck, and maybe a party game or two.

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