The Emerald & Diamond Pendant

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The Emerald & Diamond Pendant


Metal: 18K Gold, 14K Gold & Silver

Stone:  Emerald & Old Mine Cut Diamond

Chain: 14K Gold  / 16"-18" Adjustable

Face Size: Approx 13mm x 12.5mm

What You Should Know: Emerald & Diamond Setting is Open Backed.

 Long ago jewelry was commissioned with great consideration and love. It was used to celebrate life, symbolize emotion, and was among a person’s most treasured possessions, if not an extension of themselves. When handling antique pieces, you can feel the narrative of the past. We’d like to get back to a place in which such attention to detail and sentiment was put into the things we invest in. We believe blending the old with new is a step towards that.

 We resurrected a broken necklace, originating from the 1700s, and created several one of a kind pieces from its offerings. Each piece of our Georgian Emerald and Diamond Collection features what we think is crucial in preserving the historical importance of antique jewelry. The stone cuts and settings are unique to a certain time period and are essential in telling the story of those who first dreamed of pieces such as this one. We’ve added modern touches to each such as a new shank to create a ring. A little 18th century, a little 21st century.


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