The Protect Thyself Scapular Necklace

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The Protect Thyself Scapular Necklace


Metal: Sterling Silver

Chain: 1 chain with 2 components (front and back) 32" around. Sterling Silver Plated

Spanish Translation: "Protect Me in Life and Death, Mother of Mine, Carmen"

Era: 1920

* components open to expose scapular cloth.

The Scapular (meaning shoulder blade) was a funky garment originally worn by an order of monks called the Carmelites, who in the 12th century were known for giving themselves totally and utterly to Blessed Mother Mary for protection and guidance. 

In the beginning of the Carmelite Order, a young Saint by the name of Simon Stock implored to the Blessed Virgin for the privilege of safety for his brothers of Faith.  She appeared to Simon with this garment much like an apron, and stated "This is for you and yours a privilege; the one who dies in it will be saved." From then on, the Carmelite Monks wore this garment religiously, with the removal of it meaning abandoning the brotherhood and Mother Mary's protection. 

Later, the garment was exchanged for a smaller Scapular, to be placed over ones head and worn against the body as a sign of belonging to Mary and her motherly protection; to be saved from eternal fire and damnation upon death. 

Normally, this type of adornment can be found in a brown wool and string form, but we know you want to rock that awesome piece of history in style. The Protect Thyself Scapular Necklace is a token of love and protection, adorned with 2 pendants hanging on a single chain (for the front and back). Each pendant opens up to reveal cloth. 

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