The Oberammergau Crest Necklace

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The Oberammergau Crest Necklace


Metal: Sterling Silver / 10K Gold Jump Ring

Stone: Enamel

Era: 1940

Chain: Sterling Silver / 18" long

Dedication, thy name is Oberammergau. 

Oberammergau (say that five times fast) is a small town in Bavaria, Germany that is know for the Passion Play. Now, this isn't just your run of the mill, take your seat and grab some pop corn kind of play. In 1634, the inhabitants of this town got together and vowed that if God would spare them from the bubonic plague they would dedicate a reenactment of his son's sacrifice every ten years. 

Well, this group sure did put their money where their mouth is and for centuries they have been performing the entire last stage of Jesus's life; 16 acts. Crucifixion and all. The participants can only be locals of Oberammergau, and the lucky(?) fellow who plays Jesus carries a wooden cross all day to be actually nailed to it. 

Even through attempted cancellations from everyone to the Vatican to the Nazis, this group has stuck true to their promise. We think that's somethin' to be proud of

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