The Lucky Break Necklace

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The Lucky Break Necklace


Metal: 10K Gold Pendant

Chain: 18" / 14K Gold

Stone: Diamond

Era: 1930

Reconstructed Victorian Stick Pin.


Feeling like you can't catch a break? Sit back and relax your pretty little heart. We've got you taken care of. The Etruscans were a people before the time of Rome or Greece, who were deeply spiritual and connected to their environments. Birds were very sacred to these folk. They rose to the sound of the rooster and counted it a blessed day when they heard it before the sun came up. No snooze button on that method...

They also believed that these feathered friends could predict the future and had sacred bones. After a chicken was killed, the bone would be left to dry out in the sun. Two people would then wish and pray upon this bone (the "wish" bone.. get it?!) before the grand tug -o- war. Whoever was left with the larger piece would then be graced with this fowl fortune!

This tradition was picked up and passed along through the ages to our modern tables. The term "Lucky Break," or "Give me a break" comes from this ancient custom. So you didn't get the wishbone this Thanksgiving? Pshhhhhh. You don't need that dried out ol' bone when you've got two golden babies of your own. Feeling lucky already? Yeah you are.

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