The Bullseye Agate Necklace

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The Bullseye Agate Necklace


Metal: 9k Gold

Chain: 18" Long / 14K Gold

Stone: Bullseye Agate

Size: 1" x 1"

Era: 1850

What You Should Know: Pendant is in pristine condition

The word “agate” comes from the Greek name of the Achates river in Sicily. A huge deposit of agate was found in the waters there around 400 BC, all unique and dynamic with pops of bright glowing colors and symmetrical bands wrapping around their smooth surface. Circulating water deposits materials like silica into rocks, bones, and shells, creating this one of a kind, endlessly interesting stones. They often have perfectly round outlines of color, creating a almost tree trunk rings!


Although agate is one of the oldest materials known to man, and has had several metaphysical and magical properties assigned to it, it was really the Victorians that established agate as a thing of beauty to adorn your body with as a trend. In the mid 1800’s, it was all the rage to have agates carved into cabochon creating banded stones with color blocks. These were set into pendants, earrings, rings, you name it. Bullseye agate was on of their favorites, with thin bands of light creating an almost border of color on the stone. This amazing bullseye agate was bezel set into a 18k yellow gold pendant. The setting of the pendant on the chain may be the most interesting and cool detail on this antique piece, with a structural outline made out of fine gold. Legend has it that this bullseye agate will bring you nice dreams, concentration, truth, and the ability to accept circumstances. 

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