The Blister Pearl Drop Necklace

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The Blister Pearl Drop Necklace


Metal: 10K Gold Pendant 

Chain: 18" Long & 14K Gold

Stone: Pearl

Era: 1920 - 1940

Blister Pearls are a type of pearl that is formed while attached to the Mollusk's wall and grow into a blister-like shape. Because of this attachment, the pearl is cut out with much of the shell surrounding it.

Pearls have a long history of symbolizing femininity and status. With Roman history being drenched the wealthiest and baddest women decked out in these lustrous sea-gems,  we can name one incident that really stands out.

Legend states that when Cleopatra invited her lover, Marc Antony, to a lavish dinner, a battle of wealth ensued, with each person trying to ensure that their lot of land (Egypt & Rome) possessed a wealth that put it above conquest.

Cleopatra told Antony that he was to be her guest at the most expensive dinner in the world. He looked around at an un-exciting (albeit still fancy as all hell) dinner, then scoffed and prompted her to reveal what was so costly about the feast. At that moment, a servant placed a cup of vinegar in front of Cleopatra, into which she dropped one of her earrings, a priceless pearl. The pearl, costing roughly the same as a small country, dissolved in the glass and Cleopatra drank it, leaving Marc Antony as merely a bystander to the most expensive dinner the world had ever seen. **Drops Mic..Walks Away**


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