The Rose Cut Diamond Drop Necklace

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The Rose Cut Diamond Drop Necklace


Metal: 18K Gold, 14k Gold and silver

Stone: Rose Cut Diamond (no estimate)

Chain: 14K Yellow Gold / 16” - 18" adjustable chain

Pendant Size: Approx. 6mm x 4mm

What You Should Know: Stone has been kept in its original setting and comes from an 18th century brooch.

The Re-Imagined Collection is a series of pieces that contain components from long ago. Little parts of history in the form of antique cut stones that deserved a second chance to tell their story. We believe that preserving these treasures from long ago will only enrich our present and inform the future. 

The Rose Cut Diamond Drop Necklace is an excellent example of the merging of time periods to create something beautiful. A Georgian Era rose cut diamond has been kept in its original collet, foiled back setting. These details are unique to the 18th century and enlighten us on techniques and preferences of the Georgians. We know that this cut was crafted to look especially romantic in candlelight and the foil was used to enhance its light reflection. We strung the rose cut diamond on a modern adjustable gold chain, and voila! A re-imagined Georgian sparkler.

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