The Garnet Tear Drop Necklace

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20190325_TOIL_0036 copy.jpg

The Garnet Tear Drop Necklace


Metal: 18K Gold & 14K Gold

Stone: Garnet

Pendant Size: 6mm x 4mm

Chain Size: 18” in length

What You Should Know: Garnet is foiled (setting is closed back). Re-Imagined from a Victorian brooch..

A strand of garnet beads was placed in a tomb in Egypt around 3,000 BC, only to be discovered centuries thousands of years later. In ancient Rome, garnet was one of the predominant stones chosen to be carved into signet rings used to sign important documents. The ancient Greeks found it especially handy, as it was believed that the red gem could help calm feuding lovers. 

 It’s evident that garnets have been prized throughout history, their juicy red hue mesmerizing the masses. The gorgeous red garnet in this Victorian conversion piece is a perfect example of their natural magic. The stone was saved from a brooch made during the 19th century, kept in its original antique setting, and given a new life as a 21st century necklace. We strung it on an golden chain and retained the foiled back setting since the effect is incredibly fascinating. 

Part ancient stone, part antique story, part modern heirloom

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