The Maltese Cross & Garnet Mini Hoops

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The Maltese Cross & Garnet Mini Hoops


Metal: 15K Gold & 14K Gold

Stone: Flat Top Garnets

Hoop: 12mm

Cross Size: 15mm x 15mm

What You Should Know: Originally part of a pair of earrings.

With origins dating back to The Crusades, the Maltese Cross is one of the most recognized yet misunderstood symbols in history. When the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem came to the island of Malta in 1530, they adopted then altered an 11th century Italian symbolic cross which resulted in an eight pointed cross. Grand masters of the order  minted coins with the newly deemed “Maltese Cross” and wore them as their insignia on their robes.

The eight points symbolize not only the eight languages of the Knights, but the “eight obligations of a Knight”: Live in Truth, Have Faith, Repent One’s Sins, Give Proof of Humility, Love Justice, Be Merciful, Be Sincere and Wholehearted, and Endure Persecution. In short, be brave and kind. This symbol continued far past the medieval times, as evidenced by these golden Maltese Cross Victorian earrings.

Juicy red garnets sit in the center of each cross, safehoused in their original rubbed over settings. Garnets were used as protection during travel, possibly another nod to the crusades of long ago. Each cross has been placed on a modern thin gold hoop, giving these earrings a little bit of movement. A simple updated design for an emblem full of history.

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