The Evil Eye Hoop Drops

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The Evil Eye Hoop Drops

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Metal: 14K Gold

Stone: Glass

Hoop: 10mm hoops / 14k Gold

Pendant Size: 10mm 10mm

What You Should Know: Evil Eyes are vintage charms. Sold as a pair or separately.

The evil eye is an ancient symbol that many cultures have adapted as their own. The evil eye is a malevolent force in the form of a glare with intent to do harm, suffering, or bad fortune on its intended. Evidence of belief in the evil eye dates back to ancient Greece, when it was believed that someone who had been overly praised and became boastful with pride would attract the doom of the evil upon themselves, and thus fall from grace. Both Virgil and Pliny the Elder referenced the evil eye in the poems, spreading the knowledge of the evil eye to the Middle East, Northern Africa, Asia, Europe, and eventually Central America. 

In many communities, wearing an amulet to protect one’s self from the evil eye is a fundamental part of life. These defensive adornments often depict the evil eye itself and are referred to as nazars. Nazars reflect the evil glare back to its originator, safeguarding the wearer.

 We came across the most beautiful batch of vintage glass evil eye charms and re-imagined them into modern day hoops. Each 10mm 14k gold hoop has a blue evil eye, meant to be a sophisticated good luck charm. A little extra measure for no bad days. 


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