The Ruby Solitaire Pendant

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The Ruby Solitaire Pendant


Metal: 14K Gold & Silver

Stone: Ruby

Chain: 14K Gold 16"-18" Adjustable

What You Should Know: Rubies are in a closed back setting. These antique rubies do have inclusions.

One of the reasons we were led to start The One I Love was due to admiration of the artistry and skill set of jewelers long ago. Methods that are essentially forgotten in modern craftsmanship, rooting themselves to a certain point in history excite us. One of the tell-tale signs of antique jewelry, particularly Georgian jewelry, is the appearance of foiled backing behind beautifully hand cut gemstones.

A common practice during the 18th century was to insert a thin layer of reflective foil behind a precious gemstone or paste in a closed back setting. The thought was that the foil enhanced the scintillation and light reflection of the stone. Clear stones such as white diamonds were often set in sterling silver, while colorful gems were frequently placed in gold. These magnificent Burmese rubies found in a Georgian brooch bend that rule, as they are set in unique silver settings. The brooch must have been quite loved as the foil behind each stone is in excellent condition, a rare find centuries after their placement. We are honored to continue the love and care that went into safeguarding that brooch by saving the extraordinary foiled rubies and reinventing them into a limited run of solitaire pendants.

The next guardian of these gorgeous ruby pendants should take as much consideration as the decades of owners before them. We believe that if respected (aka no water), they’ll continue to share the history of happiness they’ve incited thus far. 

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