The Ruby Mini Hoops

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The Ruby Mini Hoops


Metal: 14K Gold & Silver

Stone: Ruby

Hoop Size: 12mm

Stone Size: Approx. 8mm x 7mm

What You Should Know: Ruby settings are closed backed. These rubies are all one of a kind and will vary slightly in color & shape.

Antique jewelry is prized not only for its incredible historical value, but for its rare materials as well. The combination of both results in great beauty and energy, and we are on a journey to spread that to others. We took it upon ourselves to salvage broken pieces made centuries ago and give them another chance. A candidate for this commission was an alluring brooch dating back to the 1700s, full of lovely flat but Burmese rubies.

 Each ruby found in the original Georgian brooch has a bluish red color with a vibrant emission; a notable and sought after feature in rubies from Myanmar. Burmese ruby is the rarest corundum, and these are especially so since their 18th century foiled back settings remain intact. We were enamored with the piece and saw the potential in its future offerings for many reasons, but the different sizes, shapes, and silhouettes of the stones were our favorite.

A selection of these charismatic Burmese rubies have been conceptualized into charms strung on solid gold hoops. The 14k hoops are offered in two sizes- 10mm or 12mm, and suspend a flat cut antique Burmese ruby.  Each stone is completely unlike the other since they were cut by hand by skilled tradesmen back in the 1700s. Some are round, other are square or rectangular. We find the mismatched collection undeniably charming.

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