The Playful Swirl Ring

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The Playful Swirl Ring


Metal: 18K Gold & 18K White Gold

Stone: Diamond 

Face: .80" x .25"

Size: 6.5

Era: 1905

What You Should Know: Diamonds are super bright. 

*This Ring Can Be Resized.

The legendary love story of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert pretty much guided the entire Victorian Era inspiration for jewelry design. The late Victorian Era emerged after Queen Victoria said “over it” after 27 years of mourning the death of Prince Albert (well, not quite like that). So, out with the black and in with the sparkle. Soon after  Queen "V" passed, jewelry began to take a turn towards more playful designs.

In this happier period, the influence on jewelry preferences moved back toward the romantic and whimsical. Couple this romanticism with the prior (1867) discovery of massive diamond mines in South Africa and, yup, the sparkle was on and poppin’ for the masses of the Era. 

This dainty, delicately designed diamond swirl band attests to the superb quality and beauty of the Edwardian Era designs. Plus, these extra sparkly stones will, literally, have you happily hummin’ “blinded by the light”.

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