The Table Cut Diamond Cluster Earrings


The Table Cut Diamond Cluster Earrings


Pendant Metal: Silver Topped 18K Gold

Stones: Table Cut Diamonds

Earring: 14k gold wire hooks.

Diamond Cluster Pendant Size: Approx. 15mm x 11mm

Era: 1800

What You Should Know: The table Cut Diamonds have been kept in their original 18th century setting and were originally part of a larger brooch. Diamonds are foil-backed and give off an intense grey shimmer.

Table cut diamonds were first introduced in Europe during the 15th century. It is likely that table cuts were “invented” when a diamond in its natural octahedral shape had broken, revealing a flat surface or a “table”. When it was discovered that diamond shapes could be manipulated using their own dust, smooth surfaced table cuts were the first to use the new faceting technique. Along with the point cut, table cuts were the predominant choice from the Renaissance to Georgian Eras.

When we happen upon antique table cut diamonds, we know how special and historical the piece may be. These table cuts originated from the early 1800’s, and once lived in a Georgian brooch. They have maintained an incredible sparkle over the centuries, and have been kept in their original silver collet settings. We placed the diamond components on modern golden hoops, giving these beauties a very deserved new life. A little old, a little new, and a lot of beauty.

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