The Antique Table Cut Diamond Mini Drop

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20181101_TOIL_12073 copy.jpg

The Antique Table Cut Diamond Mini Drop


Pendant Metal: Silver topped 18K Gold

Chain: 16”-18” Adjustable Chain in 14K Gold

Pendant Size: Approx. 3mm x 3mm

Stones: Table Cut Diamond

Era: 1800

What You Should Know: The table Cut Diamond has been kept in its original 18th century setting and was originally part of a larger brooch. Diamond is foil-backed and gives off an intense grey shimmer. Set on a bale for movement. Please advise that each pendant is unique in exact shape and will not match the picture precisely.

Table cut diamonds were first introduced in Europe during the 15th century. It is likely that table cuts were “invented” when a diamond in its natural octahedral shape had broken, revealing a flat surface or a “table”. When it was discovered that diamond shapes could be manipulated using their own dust, smooth surfaced table cuts were the first to use the new faceting technique. Along with the point cut, table cuts were the predominant choice from the Renaissance to Georgian Eras. 

When we happen upon antique table cut diamonds, we know how special and historical the piece may be. This table cut originated from the early 1800’s, and once lived in a Georgian brooch. It has maintained an incredible sparkle over the centuries, and have been kept in its original silver collet setting. We placed the diamond component on a modern gold chain, giving this beauty a very deserved new life. A little old, a little new, and a lot of beauty. 

At The One I Love NYC, we consider it a personal obligation to preserve the past in all its storied beauty. Each handmade treasure from centuries ago still has a narrative to tell, and we are honored to reinvent ways to tell these stories. The founder of Jewels by Grace stands by a similar mission: To bring connection and joy through antique and vintage jewelry while celebrating history through adornment. 

We are excited to announce our latest collaboration with Jewels by Grace. The JBG x TOIL capsule collection was born from an inevitable partnership between experts and friends. Together, we’ve designed a limited collection of beautiful antique components re-imagined into modern fine jewelry. We joined forces to carefully preserve the original magic of each hand selected component and dream up new ways for these elements to continue their legacy. The resulting assortment features 18th and 19th century old cut gems sourced by Jewels by Grace, repurposed into wearable art by The One I Love. 

 This new collection is the product of shared beliefs- beauty, meaning, and character persevere not in spite of age, but because of it. 

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