The Night We Met Necklace


The Night We Met Necklace


Metal: 14K Gold

Stone: Pave Diamonds

Weight: Diamond Est. 1ctw / H-I / SI2

Size: 18” Chain / Stars approx 5mm x 5mm

What You Should Know: Diamonds Shimmer like stars!

There is a certain romance instilled in the stars, surprisingly reminding us of how small we are and the blessing in finding the ones we love in the vast universe. Are they the culprit for all the beauty in our lives? Their twinkle feels like a cosmic wink that leads us to believe so. 

The Night We Met Necklace is the most sentimental piece in the Essentials Collection. Inspired by a memorable summer evening spent in Greenwich Village; the one I met my husband. The stars were out (a rare occasion in New York City) and their bright shimmer felt like an applause for the magic of the night. Seven golden stars are set with pave diamonds to light up the sky, strung along a 18” 14k chain. A thank you note to the sky.


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