The Eternally Yours Necklace

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20190109_TOIL_14602 copy.jpg

The Eternally Yours Necklace


Metal: 14k Gold

Stone: Diamond

Pendant Size: 10mm x 14mm

Chain Size: Adjustable chain between 16” and 18”

The Eternally Yours Necklace is a symbol of never ending love. This new take on the classic motif has a continuous or “eternity” ring of pavédiamonds representing an unbroken bond, an uninterrupted reminder. We think this sentiment translates to all kinds of love, making this necklace perfect for a romantic token, a gift between friends, a modern family heirloom, or a memento of self-love. 

Crafted out of 14k yellow gold with an adjustable chain, this diamond necklace easily transitions into an everyday or special occasion wardrobe. This was the mission behind our Essentials Collection, a tightly curated offering of pieces that make feeling beautiful a daily ritual. 

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