Meet The Owner

Mia Moross


Born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky, Mia Moross has had an affinity for antique jewelry since she was old enough to walk. Rummaging through her grandmother’s jewelry box, she developed a great love for rings, in particular, as they tell stories of commitment, love, and achievement.  

Mia started The One I Love NYC in September of 2013, shortly after moving to New York City to obtain her Masters in Social Work from New York University. Having been an avid collector of jewelry for years, she turned her passion into a business when others took interest.

While she has always had a strong appreciation for the business of fine jewelry, she takes an immense amount of pride in the art of curating. Hence, when it was suggested to her that she create a site, she jumped at the idea not only from a business perspective, but also as a chance to curate a collection of pieces that embody the draw of historical adornment.  

Mia specializes in breathing new life into antique components by re-creating fragments of jewelry into new pieces as rich in modern aesthetic as they are in historical depth. The Re-Imagined Collection truly embodies this craft. Each component has been carefully selected, restored and fashioned into modern adornment; allowing the old to become new again. 

"I find antiques to hold an immense amount of importance. They are tiny pieces of history. A mark. A legacy that carries on the story of those before us, and our story, long after we’re gone."